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marketing strategies"As a new company, Quantum has given us focus and direction, the confidence that we have a successful product and the use of some pretty amazing marketing techniques."
Siggy Theotard and Nick Bailey, PYO Adventure Travel Ltd
marketing strategiesWe have always relied on our software vendor’s referral and outsourcing relationships for a constant stream of consulting work but this alone simply won’t allow us to achieve our aggressive growth strategy. The Quantum Organization has led us, through a well researched marketing and sales strategy, to a position where we now have a steady flow of qualified sales leads and we are well on our way to meeting our sales and consulting revenue targets.“
Jason Crage, Formzest Ltd
"Our relationship with Quantum have helped us make fundamental changes to our business that have resulted in significant and immediate short term gains. More importantly we have been able to focus on longer term strategies that will take our business into realms that we never thought were previously achievable. I cannot recommend Quantum highly enough."
Dr Matt Flanagan,
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marketing strategies

"Get Bucket Loads Of Sales Leads And Generate A Constant Stream Of Qualified Prospects…

…Through Our Easy To Use Outsourced Marketing Agency System"


Attention: The Marketing Manager or CEO

Do you sometimes feel you have the loneliest position in the World!!!

The Marketing Manager and/or CEO are usually in a position that they have very few people, if at all, to talk to, openly and without bias, to strategize about the marketing challenges that face them on a daily basis. What tools or sounding board do they have to make the qualitative and unbiased decisions required to build a successful business.

business development

Generating qualified sales leads is the most vital part of any business.

In fact – generating sales is the LIFE BLOOD of any business

If you are the business owner or Marketing Manager who has to keep sales' leads coming in to keep the business afloat, it can be quite stressful and a daunting task. Especially when you have no one to talk to or provide you with specialist marketing advice to improve business - everyone is looking at YOU for all the answers.

But It Does Not Have To Be that Way

  • What if you could have PROVEN specialist marketing advice and support at your finger tips?
  • What would you say if you could take the marketing responsibility and stress from your shoulders?

If we tell you, you can sit back, stop stressing about your marketing strategy and physically see a constant stream of qualified leads coming though your business each month:
You get:

  • a well developed and managed marketing system in place
  • receive in-depth marketing analyses and reports at the end of the month
  • knowledge and information  to empower you to make the successful decisions and take advantage of your target market
  • and beat the competition...

You Would Most Definitely Be Interested Wouldn't You,
But Where Is The Catch?

There is no catch! Let us show you how we do it and how effortless and easy it really is.

It’s a single monthly payment over an agreed set of months and we do the rest!

Most businesses can actually double or triple their profits very easily and nearly overnight by concentrating their marketing efforts on a few key areas that are overlooked by nearly every business owner.

In fact, if you focus your efforts on the following areas, you will automatically out-maneuver, out-sell and out-market your competition before they know what’s hit them.

Here they are:

One of the first things to consider is Lead Generation. A lead is a person who is interested in, and is willing to listen to your sales story. But be careful, here. “Leads” doesn’t necessarily mean raw new prospects (remember, selling to new prospects is a costly proposition).

Conversion Rate is another consideration not to overlook.
All the leads in the world (no matter how qualified and interested they may be) will do you absolutely no good unless you can convert those leads into buying customers.

Once you start generating high quality leads you’ll need to convert these leads into sales and new clients or customers. This is normally expressed as a percentage. For example, if you tried to sell 10 people a widget and 3 people purchased it, then your conversion rate would be 30%.

Sales conversion is a simple system that you must use to logically 'move' the prospect from an enquiry to becoming a client or customer.

And then there are 5 other areas you must pay particular attention to.

They are:

Average Transaction Value – this is the average amount of money you get from each sale.

Frequency Of Purchase – this is how often someone will continue doing business with you once they’ve bought something from you.

Referrals – this is the number of people who enquire about your product or service after hearing about you from someone else.

Lifetime Value – this is the amount of money a customer will spend with you over the lifetime of doing business with you before they take their business to someone else.

Profit Margins – this is the amount of money you make from each sale after deducting cost of goods and cost of delivery.
We call these:

The 7 Quantum Keys To Business Success!

increase sales Lead Generation (Over 110 Methods)
increase salesincrease sales Sales Conversion Rate (Over 63 Methods)
quantumJohannesburg sales Transaction Value (Over 53 Methods)
quantumsales and marketing Frequency Of Purchase (Over 55 Methods)
marketing Number Of Referrals (Over 57 Methods)
grow your businessgrow business The Lifetime Value (Over 38 Methods)
profit marketingmarketing strategies Profit Margins (Over 68 Methods)


business processIf you’re not paying attention to each of these areas, you’re leaving buckets of money on the table and making your competition stronger by letting them reap money that rightfully should be in your bank account, and not in theirs.




It's Our Business to Grow Your Business
- Our Secret Marketing Method Revealed

By now you should be excited and have new hopes in your heart but have that small voice in your head saying, how do I implement this 7 key process to increase sales..

That's just it; you don't have to implement it. WE DO!

We are outsourcing marketing specialists that will do all the hard work for you and implement all 7 keys to better sales and marketing. While making your part of the system, thus ensuring you still remain in complete control but all the hard work and stress is managed by us for you.

Will It Work For Me? Even If I'm In A Competitive Or Difficult Business Sector?

Yes, our systems are developed and highly customized to each business and sector while the methods we use work on any business. As we explained earlier, the 7 keys are a vital part in any business's growth and for any business to be successful these 7 keys needs to be in place, regardless of what business you’re in.

The Proof Is In the Pudding

We have given you 7 informative key solutions, but fact remains, what we can do for you and your business.

Instead of us telling you what we can and will do, how would you like it if we come and show you what we do at your office.

Free Introductory Meeting And Assessment At Your Office

In order to address your Marketing and Business needs we would like to meet with you in person at your office and provide marketing strategy ideas.

The process begins when a business marketing consultant is sent to meet with you during which you will go through a structured needs analysis (Business Review) process of the critical functional areas within the marketing and business that you are worried, stressed about and identify immediate priorities requiring solutions

At the end of the appointment you will get a report of all these priority areas that either require attention and how we will be able to provide you with a solutions or take you to the next level.

This initial review is conducted at no charge!

Take advantage of this FREE Appointment by simply completing the form below to have one of our specialists consultant contact you to set up an appointment.

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